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The accommodation is situated at Silveira Beach in Garopaba, Santa Catarina, a municipality with 12.000 inhabitants. Garopaba is located some 50 miles south of Florianopolis.Silveira is one of the most incredible waves of Brazil. It´s a point break of Right waves simply incredible. When it´s higher than 3 feet you got to jump from the rocks on the outside, wich is not so difficult but you got to be carefull.

This wave condition is not so often but you have a sort of very good waves near there. At the same beach you´ll find a powerfull beach break known as Mike Tyson with strong barreling waves. Some miles away there´s Ferrugem Beach wich is a good beach break for the opposite condition of wind (northeast). IMPORTANT!!!! From May 15 to the end of july the mullet fishermen close the beaches to surf and it just opens if it have more than 3 feet waves.


Garopaba Deluxe Oceanviews

Package overview

Garopaba Deluxe Oceanviews
Distance from the beach:
Hotel facilities:
Internet broadband, club house, pool table, reading room.
Apartment facilities:
TV, fridge, air conditioning, bathroom, kitchen (Fire place and Jacuzzi are optioonal) Fees apply.

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