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Welcome to the South Atlantic, the Brazilian coast, the Island of Florianópolis and the Deluxe Waterfront accommodation. To arrive here, you don't need a large map, just the desire in your heart to become one with what nature and man created together in harmony. The Deluxe Waterfront accommodation is located in Florianópolis, one of the most looked for tourist destinations throughout ali of Brazil. The neighbors of our hotel couldn't be more noble. Situated in an área of permanent preservation and in the most privileged part on the island between Mole Beach and Conceição Lagoon.

Here you will find a very comfortable stay in our rooms, suites, or cabanas for up to 6 people. The hotel presents a rustic style atmosphere and it's just steps away from the ocean, lagoon, and mountain range. There are 93 rooms and cabanas with views of several "post cards" of Florianópolis. Near the hotel, you will find bars, restaurants, shops and ideal áreas for the practice of sports or simply to relax and enjoy. The island will definitely seduce you, like it hás been seducing millions of tourists every year.

The Southern region of Brazil holds many surprises to the tourist. Without a doubt, Florianópolis is one of them. Just imagine, you're on a spectacular island connected to the mainland by three bridges. Imagine that this City is the state capital, yet is hasn't lost the charm of a small town, which has recently conquered the title of best "quallty of lífe" in the Country. Imagine you're surrounded by over 40 different beaches, each with their own unique style. This Is Florianópolis, one of the most seeked-out tourist destinatlons m ali of Brazil, an island that nature has arranged a special date with you!

But this Is only the beginning, the Deluxe Waterfront accommodation is surrounded by the ocean, mountains, and the lagoon- one of the most beautíful views of the island. With easy access to Conceição Lagoon and Mole Beach, two popular post-cards of the City. Here you will encounter a comfortable stay and the convenience of the greatest treasures of Florianópolis being just steps away. To truly appreciate the best the City has to offer, stay at the hotel with the most privleged localization on the island.


Deluxe Waterfront

Package overview

Deluxe Waterfront
Distance from the beach:
Hotel facilities:
Swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, tennis court, soccer court, volley court, dry and wet sauna, gym room, barbeque place, marina.
Apartment facilities:
Cable TV, Telephone, fridge, air conditioning, bathroom.


Sports and Leisure ate the Hotel

  • indoor heated pool
  • outdoor pool
  • beach and pool bars
  • heat and steam saunas
  • gym room
  • tennis courts
  • soccer field
  • volleyball courts
  • barbeque grills
  • marina w/ docking space
  • optional activities: massages, boat trips, kayaking, boat rentals,
    fishing, diving, yoga, surf lessons, windsurf, kitesurf, eco-walks, rappel,
    rafting, paragliding, horseback-riding, and much more.
  • orchid gardens with over40,000 plants

Sports and leisure near the hotel

All guests have easy access to several beaches, bars, restaurants, clubs, and other popular tourist attractions.

  • Mole Beach - (surf, eco-walks, parasailing, kite/wind surf, climbs, music.)
  • Conceição Lagoon- (boat trips, sandunes, sandboarding, restaurants, azorian culture, wakeboarding, jet-skiing, and sailing.)
  • Galheta Beach- (eco-walks, virgin nature, access through Mole beach.)
  • Barra da Lagoa Beach- (restaurants, fishing, canal that connects the Lagoon to the ocean.)
  • Joaquina Beach- (surf, sandboarding)
  • The best restaurants in Florianópolis can be found along the main Street of the Lagoon (Av. Rendeiras). Which connects the lagoon, Mole & Joaquina beach, and Barra da Lagoa, all just 5 minutes away from the hotel.
  • Brazil Surf Travel also offer assistance regarding local tours throughout the island, and only with the the best guides.

Hotel photos

  Downtown and Airport
20 min
  Conceicao Lagoon downtown
5 min
  Barra da Lagoa Beach
10 min
  Mole Beach
you are here
  Joaquina Beach
7 min
  Galheta Beach
5 min



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